Is there such a thing as a Two-faced Chief Justice..? (**,)

Okay, okay. You’re right. I can’t leave this alone.  Chief Justice Roberts is the best politician of all time.  Or a liberal mole  sitting on the  SCOTUS.  Perhaps on a fictional planet SCROTUM (Sometimes Courts Rat on the Uninformed Minions)?.  Come on… just going for the guffaw!  ha ha.

Seriously tho, there’s something so desperately wrong with this Roberts-ruling picture.   I venture to guess most Americans think Chief Justice Roberts is conservative.   A member of the Washington, D.C.  chapter of the conservative Federalist Society.  Adviser of then-Governor Jeb Bush with the latter’s actions in the Florida election recount during Bush’s presidential election?  Roberts has been portrayed as a consistent advocate for conservative principles by analysts such as Jeffrey Toobin.

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s chief legal analyst, heaped praise on Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, whose arguments before the High Court in March he called a “train wreck” and a “plane wreck.” “This is a day for Don Verilli to take an enormous amount of credit and for me to eat a bit of crow,” said Toobin.

Ohh, bullsh*t.  I listened to Verrilli’s arguments on CSPAN and he deserves no “enormous amount of credit” for winning this case.  Verrilli’s arguments could be interpreted as a “train wreck”.  But, in my opinion, all the credit is on Roberts who has shown, without shame, his two-facedness to the American people.  This SCOTUS ruling debacle is Roberts’ Clintonesque moment  ‘..that depends on what the meaning of is, is.’

Roberts discombobulated opinion (hyperbolic theatrical PuC tradecraft only, *tricksy titters*) ought to be closely scrutinized in public forums, if not for any reason other than ‘for the record’.

An important question, though, is what caused the “very,very conservative” Roberts to suddenly switch sides on this case, immediately prior to announcement?  But more precisely,  was it triggered by prezdementia’s WARNING (to SCOTUS/Roberts?) the evening before?  Hmm, coinkydinky?  Not likely.

Lastly, it  remains troublesome why Roberts joined the liberal side on two of the most recent important rulings:  immigration and obamacare.  Sounds like double agent scenario to me, kiddos.



  1. So what should conservatives do about John Roberts? Hate him? Vilify him? “Talking Points” says no. The Chief Justice made a mistake. His ruling gives the feds far too much power but he did so to avoid judicial activism so there was a reason.


    • Shun him. Ostracize him and address his aberrant behavior and obvious lack of knowledge that We the People spoke our wishes last election. One can do such a thing without vilifying or hating the man. Follow the Christian example of taking your brother aside and speaking truth to your brother that he’s engaging in wrongful thinking giving him a chance to rectify his wrongful actions before embarrassing him in the Public Forum. It’s only after correcting one to the truth of the matter, and your brother continues being untruthful, do we address the matter in a Public Forum, I think. But this ought to be done by Roberts peers and colleagues of all religious and political persuasion and not by those who know nothing about the deeper layers of law. We the People can voice our disappointment among ourselves and our representatives – until the wrong is righted. First do no harm, then alarm. Never give up and Never give in,sayeth PopUpCommontater :-)


  2. A legacy moment perhaps..? In any case, this ranks right up there with the “taking away a civil right is not a punishment” argument that only politically correct left wing big government types try to pander off on the unwashed…


    • You are quite right about the politically-correct left wangs in big government:-) . But mark my words, Patrick, historians will not treat Roberts or any other in high office, kindly. It’s the upcoming generation who I believe will correct the wrongs perpetrated by the present spate of white collar professional thieves running rampant through out our society. Good to see you again, my friend.


      • One can only hope. Or better, why wait?


        • Didn’t say *I* was awaitin’, Patrick ;> I could have worded my response a little better, at any rate. I think, We the People need to question and demand an investigation from our representatives about why Roberts changed his intended vote at the 11th hour. Does prez-o have something on Roberts that his warning over the health care ruling spooked Roberts enough to cave in? I’ve been following this over time and something isn’t right.


          • Oh, and since when does the Supreme Court trump the will of the People? Are our People so dumbed down that they don’t know these rulings aren’t written in stone? Or the fact that this bill did not originate in the House but in the Senate using a DRAFT bill which is not proper procedure? Roberts calling this a tax means it should be scrapped and be drafted by the House. This whole thing is so Orwellian, he’s probably spinning in his grave, heh heh.


          • So true Tater, so true.


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