Notes from a C-SPAN junkie 08.18.12

1. C-SPAN aired a winner in Harriet Washington’s Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself – and the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future;  Washington “argues that a growing corporate presence in the medical industry yields dire issues for patients, as drug development and research is initiated on a for-profit basis.  Ms. Washington’s contentions of the industry’s fiscal motivations, include the reported versus the actual cost of bringing a new drug to market, her estimate that the monetary value of gifts given by corporate drug manufacturers to physicians in 2000 was $6 billion, and the restricted nature of medical patents, which, the author contends suppresses research.” (Source)

2. Listening to C-SPAN2’s BookTV coverage of a discussion of John Fund & Hans von Spakovsky book Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk, hosted by Linda Killian of the Wilson Center.  Things were going good there for a while but it was obvious to an experienced ear that the Host thought Fund and Spakovsky were picking on Democrats, insinuating that Fund and Spakovsky were down-playing examples of voter fraud et al. perpetrated by Republicans and focusing on the Democrat Party.  -oo-   Let’s just forget about evidence of voter fraud in the public arena and just build a bridge between the Brad Blog’s extensive coverage and Linda Killian’s “reality” zone.  It turns out that Killian is quite the actress or she really is the token liberal dummy Senior Scholar at the Wilson Center.  It was quite the moment to see John Fund explaining our country’s history of voter fraud to the incredulous Killian who appeared to be learning this for the first time. LIBERAL FAIL!

3. Listening to C-SPAN’s coverage of Mitt Romney’s Town Hall Meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado was bizarre for PuC who’s heard Romney’s speeches on numerous occasions.  Bizarre, in that Romney’s manner of speaking conjured up Mel Gibson’s Jerry Fletcher, the New York taxi driver conspiracy kook  to Julia Roberts U.S. Justice Department attorney, in the 1997 action thriller Conspiracy Theory.   Mel’s Jerry spoke in a halting, stuttering, hesitating cadence which was well-suited for a conspiracy theorist scared out of his wits.  On Romney,  this speech pattern sounds condescending, as though he was addressing elementary children in the school auditorium.  Is Romney now tailoring his mental acuity according to his audience sophistication or lack thereof?

Jack Hunter of the Charleston City Paper – Speaking Truth To (People) Power

Hoo-yahhh! We got a firecracker here in Charleston City Paper’s columnist Jack Hunter.  Hunter’s headline today reads:  Should we abandon the Constitution in the Wake of the Sikh Temple shooting?   Hunter lays out a good, solid argument that my dear readers will find exhilarating.  Have at it.