Senate about to vote on International Treaty

The Senate is going into Executive Session to, what I assume, hash out this Treaty (Document 112-7) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; a treaty that 36 Republicans signed a letter opposing international treaties during lame-duck session.  There are Republicans that believe the Treaty could be a threat to U.S. sovereignty.


Questions that arise for me are:

1. what else is in this Treaty that’s not being talked about in open session; does Treaty have a hidden agenda?
2. why would this Treaty take precedence over the other more urgent matters on the Congressional plate?
3. a first-bourne test for international law or “international liberal order” progression spoken about on other C-SPAN programs?



  1. Reblogged this on Conservative Libertarian Outpost and commented:
    Treaties are like everything else in politics! What the heck is in the small print?


  2. Bounce everything off of what the founding fathers expected.
    Is this the sort of “treaty” they expected us to sign, or did they believe we should do our own thing and allow the rest of the world to do, likewise?
    Many of our so-called allies believe that it is quite normal to kill those who convert to Christianity, and this moronic international body is concerning itself with the “rights” of the disabled?


    • Welcome, American in a Foreign World (cool handle, btw) to PuC’s place, in the scheme of things. You’re quite correct about your skepticism over why the int’l body is concerned with the “rights” of the disabled. Mission creep, IMO. Our body of nannys are considered about American Disabled traveling to foreign countries who don’t give a thought to human consideration. However, today our illustrious body of nannys are trying to do something even more altruistic, like, proposing a bill to kick-ass Russia for its treatment of their citizens lack of civil rights and human dignity. If a foreign official socks a non-compliant neighbor in the nose, our .gov will sock a sanction on the foreign miscreant to the tune of not being able to use our banks (my words). In other words, ‘TAKE THAT you naughty foreign countryman of Russia!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I know, I know. Pitiful!

      Maybe if we put our heads together we can come up with the *real* reason that our Illustrious Leaders would want to cut-off banking privileges to unkind foreign nincompoops, eh? But..wait for it… not just nincompoops in Russia, but world-wide. Hmmm..guess it’s time for another war to finish leveling the playing field to enact the long-awaited War Lords over Serfdom game plan scenario. Yeah, just call me another conspiracy kook….I’m honored to join the ranks of Jesse Ventura, ex-GOVERNOR and proven *ss KICKER extraordinaire Truth Machine. heh heh


      • To be fair, H.R. 6156.PCS is hard reading as it does go into the particulars; Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, which deserves more serious discussion than PuC’s seemingly frivolous asshat comment above. If you’re interested, here’s the URL to the bill itself:

        I think my beef is with the incremental mission creep of our .gov towards becoming the world’s Minister of Morality – a job that will fail if people aren’t interested in becoming intellectually high-minded about decency and civil society. It really comes down to the arduous task of converting a backwards or amoral nation, one-heart-at-a-time. Or becoming enlightened on one’s own steam, which can take a lifetime for most.


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