Gun Violence Prevention Public Forum, in liberal Sonoma County, CA, brings out 2nd Amendment advocates in droves

On January 10, 2013, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors heard from the public after Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) and California law enforcement, mental health and education officials spoke at a public forum on gun violence (covered by C-SPAN, video can be viewed here).  What surprised me was the majority were gun and Second Amendment advocates in attendance.  Some of them minced no words in letting the officials know they knew their rights and showed their Don’t Tread On Me unwelcome mat as they stood ground to the Democrat Representative.  Going so far as to expose the fact that the CIA created killers (insinuating their use in false flags), citing a 1994 government report (General Accounting Office) which showed that the Pentagon worked with the CIA in dosing thousands of military subjects with LSD and other drugs.  Last year a group of vets sued the agency for illnesses and trauma caused by the “diabolical and secret [MK-ULTRA] testing programs.”


Bonus hair-raiser at the end at time segment 02:40:08.  Can anyone catch what ‘NASA report’ this woman is referring to?



  1. Seems some people from my birth state still are capable of rational thought.


    • Of course there are rational thinkers in every state, but I admit I was surprised by the large number of gun rights advocates in Sonoma County, CA! I was expecting to exit C-SPAN channel all together until one after another came to the podium to show their support for our Second Amendment – which really gave me hope and new sense of pride for my countrymen. A dear friend of mine hails from Oakland; I was dumb-founded my friend had no clue concerning the requisites for the presidency; challenging me when I mentioned how the real issue was not the birthicate(sic) but rather Prez-O’s father being a British subject which disqualified him from the start. It saddens me our public education system has spawned such ignorant citizens; it allows our leaders to get away with morphing our Constitution into a eunuch document. heh heh


      • That’s interesting Tater. Used to be that in order to get into High School you had to pass “The Constitution Test.” I have to tell you it was pretty tough too! Seems a lot of things have changed…


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