NEWSWEEK vs. The Atlantic: Dueling Data wonks

Newsweek‘s “Hit the road, Barack: Why we need a new president” written by conservative historian Niall Ferguson vs. The Atlantic‘s article “A Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson’s Very Bad Argument Against Obama” by senior associate editor Matthew O’Brien are good reads.

The only problem going on here is with me and my frustration in knowing who to believe anymore without having to do my own research to ferret out the truth.  If I have to devote one more minute to fact-checking the supposed ‘fact-checkers’ on facts (not to mean the writers referenced here), I might as well finish the dam research and go the one-more-step and just publish my dam book Liars for Hire for a million bucks advance and get on with my life, hunh?  I dream of isolated beaches….aaaaaah



  1. Reblogged this on Conservative Libertarian Outpost and commented:
    Tater, after a family tragedy comes back with a winner!


    • Patrick, thanks for your kind greeting to this ‘fried’ Tater on the comeback; I hope to become more regular as time goes on (but NOT with Benefiber! [read article on my Food Farce page for the reason I won’t, heh heh]). BTW, I’ve been reading your blog now and then while on hiatus, just haven’t had the energy to make comments, etc. but you never disappoint me. You always hold to a high standard with your articles. Glad to have you as a blogger friend. I know I’ll get meat and not milk whenever I stop by. Just don’t get me started on ZeroCare, Bengazhi, Fast & Furious, Grenade-gate, etc. etc. into O-infinity.


      • *chuckles* Somebody has to get started Tater. My work has me pretty tied up these days and around once a week is all that I can do as far as blogging. Yes, I know, a far cry from the average world wide rating of between 32-36 highest for non commercial political blogs. But? The spirit is still there friend.


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