Democrats Holy Grail is the Noble Cause that has no plausible plan..

..and no end.  Their efforts are to make those who are successful by their own hand, pay the bills for those who are not motivated to help themselves when it is shown they can.  They  (Democrat/Liberal) show their plan actually results in bringing down the successful Man, eventually killing us all.

The Democrats/Liberals current noble cause is their blind-folded “fix” to the obviously broken healthcare system.  Let’s face it, the current (Un)Affordable Care Act is a debacle.  It sorely misses the target which is the run-away insurance companies.  When healthcare plans/services were morphed into healthcare insurance, healthcare took a dive. Greed does such things to good people.

Our .government also refuses to acknowledge the pharmaceutical element in the healthcare debacle.  For several decades now, the standards for releasing medicines into the population has been degraded, with less and less studies being carried out to make sure each medication released is safe and affordable. More and more people are suffering severe and fatal reactions to substandard medications.

The healthcare groupthink has been to continue to make people sick to fatten their pockets instead of giving up the greed and turn their attention to health prevention and looking at the entire body/mind component to ill health.

BRAKING NEWS: Paul Ryan booed at AARP’s annual convention!! Did you whet your pants?!

NOTICE:  My dear readers can watch the House Ways and Means Subcommittee hearing on the Medicare Advantage cuts that will result in AARP benefiting by 1 BILLION dollars over the next 10 years, at C-SPAN  TV NOW!!

The WashPost article byline by Felicia Sonmez almost screams with glee that GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan was BOOED by the AARP annual convention audience.  WELL THIS DOESN’T SURPRISE ME.  AARP may not want the spotlight on MEDICARE ADVANTAGE cuts and their likely benefits from the cuts!!  Read on, Puc’ers.

And , P.S. I LOVE YOU News, seniors will NOT be able to keep the doctor of their choice.  Something Americans have known all along.  All the B.S. getting to you, yet?

I watched the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health’s Medicare Advantage Plan on C-SPAN today.  I wish more dumb clucks would watch C-SPAN’s Congressional Hearings so THEY CAN HEAR IT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH and not filtered according to biased, prejudiced, and ethically-challanged journalists, reporters and commentators!  It’s kind of C.O.M.P.L.I.C.A.T.E.D. stuff for the uninformed, uninterested and the non-fealty among my fellow Americans, so I’m going to leave a link for you to HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF.

On the C-SPAN video page, you can watch the entire hearing by video, or just the testimony regarding AARP’s involvement presented by Mr. James C. Capretta, Fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center. Below the video, scan through the individual clips until you get to Time: 00:55:55, 1 min., Unidentified Speaker, and click on that section to hear just the audio about AARP’s involvement.  As you may remember, AARP was involved in negotiating the Obama’s healthcare plan. Whoops!

People already insured under Medicare Advantage will soon have to return to MediGap providers, one of which is AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance.  AARP will benefit by 1 BILLION dollars over the next 10 years.  Why? Because AARP gets a percentage fee for every member who enrolls in MediGap.  I know, you’re surprised, right? AARP is a tax-free organization and will not be taxed one dollar on that billion.  Come to think of it, AARP can then edge-out other MediGap plans using their BILLIONS and governmental favor.  Eventually, Americans will be forced to turn to AARP, who by that time, will be inundated with government and political personnel.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

Obamacare: the new strategy, same as the old strategy; new version of new diversion.

1. Whereas the entire debate is diverted to where president Obama was born versus the fact that Obama’s father was a British  subject makes Obama ineligible for the presidency,

2. The lame stream media will frame the debate on the constitutionality of Obamacare on the terms ‘penalty’ versus ‘tax’ rather than the fact that tax revenue bills are to originate in the House only, not from the Senate, as it was in this case brought before the SCOTUS.

3. What media outlet will take the lead on these stories before the GLOBE once again aces the traces and attracts the facts?!?

Is there such a thing as a Two-faced Chief Justice..? (**,)

Okay, okay. You’re right. I can’t leave this alone.  Chief Justice Roberts is the best politician of all time.  Or a liberal mole  sitting on the  SCOTUS.  Perhaps on a fictional planet SCROTUM (Sometimes Courts Rat on the Uninformed Minions)?.  Come on… just going for the guffaw!  ha ha.

Seriously tho, there’s something so desperately wrong with this Roberts-ruling picture.   I venture to guess most Americans think Chief Justice Roberts is conservative.   A member of the Washington, D.C.  chapter of the conservative Federalist Society.  Adviser of then-Governor Jeb Bush with the latter’s actions in the Florida election recount during Bush’s presidential election?  Roberts has been portrayed as a consistent advocate for conservative principles by analysts such as Jeffrey Toobin.

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s chief legal analyst, heaped praise on Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, whose arguments before the High Court in March he called a “train wreck” and a “plane wreck.” “This is a day for Don Verilli to take an enormous amount of credit and for me to eat a bit of crow,” said Toobin.

Ohh, bullsh*t.  I listened to Verrilli’s arguments on CSPAN and he deserves no “enormous amount of credit” for winning this case.  Verrilli’s arguments could be interpreted as a “train wreck”.  But, in my opinion, all the credit is on Roberts who has shown, without shame, his two-facedness to the American people.  This SCOTUS ruling debacle is Roberts’ Clintonesque moment  ‘..that depends on what the meaning of is, is.’

Roberts discombobulated opinion (hyperbolic theatrical PuC tradecraft only, *tricksy titters*) ought to be closely scrutinized in public forums, if not for any reason other than ‘for the record’.

An important question, though, is what caused the “very,very conservative” Roberts to suddenly switch sides on this case, immediately prior to announcement?  But more precisely,  was it triggered by prezdementia’s WARNING (to SCOTUS/Roberts?) the evening before?  Hmm, coinkydinky?  Not likely.

Lastly, it  remains troublesome why Roberts joined the liberal side on two of the most recent important rulings:  immigration and obamacare.  Sounds like double agent scenario to me, kiddos.

Veiled threat or ignorant posturing – you decide (“,)

Drudge, in big, larger-than-cockroach-sized red font, screams at me OBAMA WARNS ON HEALTHCARE RULING.  I think to myself:  someone’s gonna die.  If the ruling doesn’t go his way, that is.  But, then I remember something I read on some website, on some internet (Owl Gore’s possibly) that it was Chief Justice Roberts who put the kibosh on some lawyer’s uneligibility case to do with  King Obama.  (In a flash, I see myself overseas..blinded by the sun..somewhere very gritty..holding my hand out for a cold Bud..but I digress.)  Maybe it’s just me, but those words sure sound ominous and threatening – coming from the Leader of a free Republic – dontcha think?  But getting back to Roberts, he also served the bungling word-salad during Obama’s Swearing-In Oath, too, requiring a re-do elsewhere, remember?  What’s up with that?  And now, today,  I learn that, possibly, it might be Chief Justice Roberts who may write the majority opinion regarding the Affordable Care Act.  Do we think he might bungle that, too?  As in ruling the ACA constitutional?

Then I remember how Prez-O dissed the Supreme Court Justices during the State of the Union speech.

PuC thinks they ought to kick a leg out from under Prez-O’s high horse before he becomes king.  Just for fun.   That’s what PuC thinks.

Crikey Roos! You can’t be serious!

Now we have a law professor from Washington & Lee University School of Law
saying everything trumps State’s rights!*
P.S. It depends on what the meaning of “is” is!  (Thanks, Bill!)
Swami BaBa Dum Ass

*(hyperbole alert..:)

Blissed out! \o/ Health care bill passes! \o/ What it means!

omg, I’ma in Heaven. Pincha me.  \o/ The Health Care bill passed with flying colors tonight *whiplash smile*  This means no more denial of health benefits.  \o/ No more pre-condition disqualification.  \o/  No more denial of services. \o/ Armed Services TriCare health care providers will finally be transferred out of the Dept. of Defense (to God knows where, but hey, that’s something). \o/  Maybe They will combine the 3 national health care providers, (named 7/14/09), TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Phoenix, AZ, Aetna Govt. Health Plans of Hartford, CT, and United Health Military and Veterans Services (sorry about your benefits being shaved a little, but.. 

maybe they can find a way to fix it since the contracts cumulative value is more than $55.3 billion.  Surely They can find a way.   Another great thing about this passed bill is that there will be NO MORE GAMING THE SYSTEM.  I’m not sure if physicians will get a raise or cost of living stipend for taking on Medicare patients, but I’m sure the govt will give them more money than they get now.  So don’t worry.  Thank God there won’t be any health care benefits for Americans until 2014.  The Dems, thank goodness, had the keen foresight to begin taxing Americans now, rather than later, (come on, we can DO this!); in other words we’ll get 6 terrific years of health care coverage for the price of 10.  Does it get any better than this?  Hah.  Didn’t think so. *grin*

And last, but not least, we’ll see no more back room shady business deals and no more retched, quid pro quo shenanigans.  All of the new agencies that will be needed to carry out services will be corruption-proof.  Also.., I assume everyone knows the IRS is the enforcement agency for this enterprise.  What govt agency can better juggle this endeavor?  The IRS already has America under its thumb.  Plus, they only need to hire about 17,000 more empoyees to make sure everyone is complying with the new programs. (I still don’t know why IRS needs all those new shotguns though, anybody?).  So y’all, there’s plenty to be jubilant about here.  NO MORE lying, stealing, amoral, unethical behavior from Congress or any one of numerous new agencies and employees running this very tight, well-thought-out blueprint  for a worry-free future-  for all. Americans.  This health care bill, passed tonight, is the best thing that’s happened to Americans in a looong time.



If you can’t win the game – change the rules?

I..I..I just learned today that Freaker-of-the-House, Nancy Pelosi, is weighing the option of using the ‘Slaughter’ Rule to pass the health-care bill.  Now it can be said – are the Democrats planning on slaughtering us!?!

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They keep sayin’ ‘if we don’t pass this bill now our health care costs will go up by 49% in ’82!’
(We’ll all be dead by then; should we care at all? *hysterical laughter*)


Okay.. I’mma listenin’

15th Annual Health Action Conference Reveals Health Care being dealt with behind closed doors.

Yesterday, the 15th Annual Health Action Conference was covered by C-SPAN.  During the conference, Susan Dentzer, Editor-in-Chief of Health Affairs shared some inside info.  She said that the national conversation has been switched to “jobs” to take our eye off the Health Care issue which is now being carried out behind closed doors. 

Hey, I just thought someone, somewhere would care, with a bigger megaphone than moi, and want to share this little piece of info. Again we witness deception at its best, eh?  This announcement has been brought to you by a Messenger for Transparency.  ;>