NEWSWEEK vs. The Atlantic: Dueling Data wonks

Newsweek‘s “Hit the road, Barack: Why we need a new president” written by conservative historian Niall Ferguson vs. The Atlantic‘s article “A Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson’s Very Bad Argument Against Obama” by senior associate editor Matthew O’Brien are good reads.

The only problem going on here is with me and my frustration in knowing who to believe anymore without having to do my own research to ferret out the truth.  If I have to devote one more minute to fact-checking the supposed ‘fact-checkers’ on facts (not to mean the writers referenced here), I might as well finish the dam research and go the one-more-step and just publish my dam book Liars for Hire for a million bucks advance and get on with my life, hunh?  I dream of isolated beaches….aaaaaah


The ‘Castro Hour’ is about to begin! Grab a chair in the village square..and BE there!

I call it the ‘Castro Hour’ in dis(honor) of Fidel hisself, for all his speeches, sermons and harangues held for hours and days at a time, in the open, village square, perpetually, standing-room only*.  Why?  Because I couldn’t find a TV station that wasn’t showing the ‘Castro Hour’, that’s why!  And I thought the networks had come to their prez-O fatigue moment last year, not feeling compelled to carry every one of his appearances..several times..every day. There for awhile.  Better get those seats, folks, the name-calling begins now.  This is the time when everyone attending is announced so it will be known for eons this-or-that senator, this-or-that representative, this-or-that VIP, not-so-important attendees, SCOTUS, and not a mouse in sight, attended the occasion.  There was a time when I watched the State of the Union Address, filled with pride and hope – not  high on Hopium.  So without further ado…..SEND IN THE CLOWNS!!!.

UPDATE 1:  Grown-ups screeching?
UPDATE 2:  I didn’t know “clapping” came in cans like laughter.
UPDATE 3:  No one’s hands or arms have fallen off yet.
UPDATE  5:  Phoney-baloney pomp & circumstance fit for a king.
UPDATE  6:  Well. That introduction was o.b.s.c.e.n.e.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, 2013 State of the Union Address – OPEN THREAD

Yoo-hoo! Uncle Sam, your contrivance slip is showing and you’re blowing smoke


OK, for starters, skeeters might say this is a novice stance to which I reckon I’d agree.  However, I’m surprised the photographer didn’t show smoke coming from his ears as well, the “smoke” looks like it’s been “photo-shopped”. *tricksy titters*  The barrel needs cleaning…   and backfires come from the rear of a car.  Lastly, not much of a lift there. Waz the prez shooting paper dolls off a picket fence?  Hee Haw!

Prezzes Karzai & Obama White House presser and Karzai at Georgetown University

I watched both the joint news conference and Karzai’s address on U.S.-Afghanistan relations and this is my 2 cents:  I was awe-striken by the difference in Karzai’s speech patterns between the 2 events.  While at the podium with Obama at the White House, decked out in his home country regalia, Karzai spoke hesitantly, displaying micro-stutters at beginning of each utterance, giving the impression his English left much to be desired having all the makings of a goat herder , hesitatant, ah ah ah-ing, etc., compared to his speech at Georgetown University.  Hat’s off!  Karzai seemed like a new man. A man whose speech was unhesitant, sure-footed, and very much like a seasoned American.  What’s Up With That????!!!

(I know his family lives in Baltimore…duh!)

Welcome, visitors!

To all recent visitors to my site, WELCOME! Welcome to PopUpCommontater’s lair, where the truth is lain bare, sometimes on a dare, and where falsies are rare. *tricksy titters* Some of you are legit. Others, well, you’ll soon have a fit. My eyes are on you, too. -oo- I’m no Lame Cherry, as Cherry is not lame. Me, on the other hand, am a fool; a toothless crybaby who set up shoppe to ed-u-cate the educable – not to taunt those who possess brains the size of a planet to my marble, but just for crikey roos, if your brain’s the size of a planet, why the hay would you settle for earth when the universe is your milieu! a space limitless enough for your limitless brilliance? Why rule this puny planet when you can go conquer your own ball-and-chain mega-orb, Babylon 5, or 6-ish? Why, oh, why expend your mega-intelligence here, in Blandland. Shoot for the stars! populate Mars! Mensa new frontiers! Abandon us, here!

We. are. a. figment. of. your. imagination. We are not worthy of your presence. Surely you have better things to do than rule us unruly thankless anencephalic nonquislings, no? Why can’t we all just get along???

Yes, why? I think we can’t get along because you don’t want a world without war. Or, without power…money…or sex.

Good luck with that.

So to my visitors from France, Belgium, Macedonia, Sweden et al., if you’re drawn to truth, then I receive you with open arms! if you’re here to monitor me, be warned I’m monitoring you. If you come in peace for knowledge then I mean you no harm and you shall find some thing to take away from here to enlarge your own world of ideas.

If you’re here to administer mischief upon me, well then, PuC you!

More SCOTUS modus operandi *rolling eyes*

”The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a federal law that makes it a crime to lie about receiving a military medal, ruling it violated constitutional free-speech rights. By a 6-3 vote, in a case about how far the government may go to prosecute false claims about military honors, the high court handed a setback to the Obama administration over the “Stolen Valor Act” that Congress adopted in 2006.” (WatchDogWire)

Ha, Orwellian doublespeakcross by men who ought to know better.   When is lying ever not wrong,  I implore you, All Mighty Robes!  Go ahead.  Set the precedent to allow ALL those in high office to lie their asses off.  They do now anyway.  Putting your GoodHousekeeping seal on the Lie is the Law-on-High putting lipstick on a pig and calling it not a hog.  Historians will have a hay day with this court, for sure.   What?  You say you don’t care, All Mighty Robes?  Of course you don’t.  You’d need a conscience for that, wouldn’t you?

Hey, Everyman:

A lie, is a lie, is a lie.  What don’t you get about that?  What the Court has done is issue carte blanc “cover” for all liars – past, present, and future.  We the People are aware of the false credentials and fake diplomas used by a high number of high office holders, going on, say, for well over 30 years now.  It’s been in the major newspapers and archived on the internet – forever.   What are all you liars going to do about that?  Create an excuse to take down the Internet under the guise of a national security threat? Well, that’ll go over real big like.

I’m still in mock-n-awe mode over this ruling, sorry.  Hope y’all don’t think we see the Big Toe in the door, here, yahknowwhadimean, Vern?!



DRUDGE: Obama takes charge at hurricane command center.. (to command Hurricane DUD!)

Image borrowed from Drudge

Per Drudge: Obama takes charge at hurricane command center.


Spare me.

I says Prez-O takes command of…. the puniest, least deadly, most-hyped-up hurricane DUD in 50 years!! 

You heard me.  HURRICANE DUD!

And the MSM “weather” experts blew this so all out of proportion they ought to hang their heads in shame.  Oh.  That’s right.  SHAME is so passe′.

Prez-O has no plans to nix summer vacation..

..and stay state-side to deal with the contrived debt crises here at home, according to an AFP story run today.

I don’t understand why people are getting crabby about prez-O taking a vacation with his family………………………….even as the People’s livelihoods drop around America’s ankles…..because a man has to keep up the high-life that he’s grown accustom to, for instance, according to Mark Knoller of CBS, since taking office,

  • prez-O flew in Air Force One 328 times, since taking office.
  • That works out to prez-O flying ’bout every other day.
  • Let’s break it down, shall we!
  • That would be 111 domestic trips spanning 176 days, 16 foreign trips to 25 countries over 70 days, and 10 vacation trips spanning 58 days, since taking office.
  • In 2010, prez-O had face-to-face meetings with 61 foreign leaders, 30 for the first time.
  • prez-O took 196 helicopter trips, signed 203 pieces of legislation, and managed to squueze in 29 rounds of golf.
  • prez-O made 15 visits/spanning 35 days to Camp David.
  • 28 basketball outings, since taking office.
  • 254 interviews since taking office.
  • WH officials told reporters recently that prez-O doesn’t intend on hanging around the WH as much in 2011; he wants to get out more, ‘specially ’round the country, hawking his wares.   There’s an election comin’ up, ya know.
  • prez-O has made 883 speeches, statements and remarks since taking office (491 prior to taking office).
  • prez-O has visited 38 states (out of his 57) for the first time, since taking office.
  • That works out to ’bout 600 days of  a Perpetual prez-O-Campain schtick.  Fasten your seat belts, folks!  Bumpy ride ahead!
  • Air-Force estimates put the cost of flying for one HOUR at..wait for it.. $181,757.00 !!!!!
  • That’s not counting the additional travel costs for the customary WH brood entourage, Marine One, Secret Service, special vehicles, logistics and local poleece overtime, either.
  • Wow!  That’s one he!! of a frequent flier dollars going into prez-O’s carbon footprint, wouldn’t you say?!?
  • prez-O made one official utterance every 11 waking hours.
  • prez-O spends nearly half his presidency outside Washington, DC.  Plans to travel more.
  • Vacationer-in-Chief spent $1.75 to visit Hawaiian chums.
  • prez-O has spent over $100M taxpayer dollars flying around in Air Force One.
  • Probably another $100M on his entourage.


So, who’s to begrudge a working man some time off, even so, summer vacation…?  Really!?!

For cryin’ out loud, mon?


He work hard for the money.   He goin’ on vacation whether you likes it or not.

Mission Creep

Military ‘Courtesy Patrol’ began in Uptown Columbus, Georgia (USA) this past Friday, 4/22/11, citing two (2) incidents (in early April) to justify military presence in the streets:

#1 – Police allege that 5 soldiers beat another soldier (former), putting him in the hospital with head injuries.
#2 – “..a shooting that left four injured – one fatally – at Mario’s restaurant on Broadway.”
#3 Charlotte Burton says the extra patrols may not be enough and thinks they’ll need to “increase the security being offered.. a lot of people come down here at night.”
#4 – Specialist Ryan Jesse stationed at Fort Benning says of the ‘courtesy’ military patrol, “It keeps things in check. It avoids thing (not PuC’s typo ;) getting out of hand which happens a lot with soldiers unfortunately.” (PuC’s emphasis)
#5 – This is not the first Columbus has needed the help of military ‘courtesy’ patrols although it’s been years since the last time it was implemented.

All that*, for just two incidents (2, count’m), one of which was U.S. servicemen Gone Wild and the other perhaps a Bad-Food-Fight-Gone-Wrong shooting over at Mario’s Restuarant?
Velly, velly in..sterrr..esting, vouldn’t you say..?

Terror-Lites invade Capitol Hill prayer group? oops..

Wow.  Just WOW.   FOX News is running this story (I know, I know!  I should have inserted my *Hyperbole Huzzah! warning* in the title, in parens, after the word “invade”.  So spank me), about some Muslims which have been attending the prayer group on Capitol Hill since the terrorist attacks in 2001.  Some of them may have TERROR ties (what does a terror tie look like? is it a bow tie or a bolo tie, hmm?) according to the FOX News “probe” (don’t worry, I won’t go there!).   End of National Sourcasm Society ad by PuC.

Following is the lead-in paras for this story via FOX News and ACLJ.

An Al Qaeda leader, the head of a designated terror organization and a confessed jihadist-in-training are among a “Who’s Who” of controversial figures who have participated in weekly prayer sessions on Capitol Hill since the 2001 terror attacks, an investigation by reveals.

The Congressional Muslim Staff Association (CMSA) has held weekly Friday Jummah prayers for more than a decade, and guest preachers are often invited to lead the service. The group held prayers informally for about eight years before gaining official status in 2006 under the sponsorship of Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., one of two Muslims currently serving in Congress. The second Muslim congressman, Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., joined as co-sponsor after he was elected in 2008.

What PuC finds down-right annoying and morally reprehensible is the extent to which the Godless Elected will leave no stone unturned in their quest to diminish the importance of God’s sovereignty over our great nation, while taking no responsibility for the tear in our social fabric due to the incremental extraction of God from our daily lives.   The Christian community is scrutinized with microscopic precision down to the size of a gnat’s eyeball by those who pontificate from Capitol Hill, but, BUT, after nearly a decade, we learn news such as this, at a time such as this, when Americans are scrutinized far more than the ‘current threat’ to our national security that has been hammered into our heads, every hour, every day, every year since we were attacked on 911.  By an extremist faction of a religious culture, of which some extremist and/or terror-lite members have been sitting in our midst on Capitol Hill.  Praying.  For our demise?  How bizarre is that?

The very least our Homeland Security and its over-reaching tentacles should do under these circumstances, is to invite these dudes who infiltrated our sanctuary to attend a gala airport frisking, full body maul with scan portrait of their family jewels, and a crotch-crimp with replete bend-over body bump.

Just sayin’..