News Stew 01.18.13

  • There’s something creepy about a president, unveiling gun proposal plans, needing to surround himself with children.  It reminds me of other creepy imaginings like entertainers with arrested development preferring the company of children so they can feel all-mature and powerful-like.  Taking a serious issue and reducing it down to like, say, Mr. Rogers using his index finger to slowly push a tiny truck across a desk….parking it next to the big pink eraser.

  • It’s a joke to learn how FAST & FURIOUS Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ are asking a federal court to delay indefinitely a case brought against them by watchdog Judicial Watch.  Didn’t Prez-O just sign an executive order stating “the DOJ will release a report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement”.  Oops to bad timing.  It’s nice to note this irony pointed out by PuC recently hasn’t been lost on other astute observers.
  • Cyclist Lance Armstrong strong-arms his pseudo-conscience in his interview with Oprah Winfrey on his doping, actually says it was “part of the job” . Seriously.  I just can’t understand why Armstrong wasn’t sitting on the floor with the rest of the children during Prez-O’s creepy gun proposal photo-op.  Deceitful Armstrong, just another flawed character.  Another narcissistic headline-grabber.
  • Now I’m reading about the kid’s video at Prez-O’s gun proposal plans photo-op who yelled in unison “NO GUNS! NO GUNS!” while reading their pithy letters, most likely dictated and coached by their parents via the Ministry of Propaganda.  Contrived, through-and-through.  Perhaps by self-appointed ‘knowledge experts’ in knickers.
  • And now, from this ‘self-appointed knowledge leader’, there’s never been a despot who hasn’t surrounded himself by lots of kiddies in a public forum.

Notes from a C-SPAN junkie 08.18.12

1. C-SPAN aired a winner in Harriet Washington’s Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself – and the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future;  Washington “argues that a growing corporate presence in the medical industry yields dire issues for patients, as drug development and research is initiated on a for-profit basis.  Ms. Washington’s contentions of the industry’s fiscal motivations, include the reported versus the actual cost of bringing a new drug to market, her estimate that the monetary value of gifts given by corporate drug manufacturers to physicians in 2000 was $6 billion, and the restricted nature of medical patents, which, the author contends suppresses research.” (Source)

2. Listening to C-SPAN2’s BookTV coverage of a discussion of John Fund & Hans von Spakovsky book Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk, hosted by Linda Killian of the Wilson Center.  Things were going good there for a while but it was obvious to an experienced ear that the Host thought Fund and Spakovsky were picking on Democrats, insinuating that Fund and Spakovsky were down-playing examples of voter fraud et al. perpetrated by Republicans and focusing on the Democrat Party.  -oo-   Let’s just forget about evidence of voter fraud in the public arena and just build a bridge between the Brad Blog’s extensive coverage and Linda Killian’s “reality” zone.  It turns out that Killian is quite the actress or she really is the token liberal dummy Senior Scholar at the Wilson Center.  It was quite the moment to see John Fund explaining our country’s history of voter fraud to the incredulous Killian who appeared to be learning this for the first time. LIBERAL FAIL!

3. Listening to C-SPAN’s coverage of Mitt Romney’s Town Hall Meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado was bizarre for PuC who’s heard Romney’s speeches on numerous occasions.  Bizarre, in that Romney’s manner of speaking conjured up Mel Gibson’s Jerry Fletcher, the New York taxi driver conspiracy kook  to Julia Roberts U.S. Justice Department attorney, in the 1997 action thriller Conspiracy Theory.   Mel’s Jerry spoke in a halting, stuttering, hesitating cadence which was well-suited for a conspiracy theorist scared out of his wits.  On Romney,  this speech pattern sounds condescending, as though he was addressing elementary children in the school auditorium.  Is Romney now tailoring his mental acuity according to his audience sophistication or lack thereof?

NEWS STEW 9.07.11

1. Seeing as I’m posting this on the fly, let’s begin with my favorite owl. No, not the Great Horned owl but rather, Owl Gore, aka The Big Kahunowl aka Owl de Bore aka Owlfidgety aka Owl Hat, No Catastrophe. ..git my drift?  The global-smarming evidence-gathering headhunter ‘rebukes Obama’ today for copping-out under pressure from polluters regarding new restrictions on pollution-spewing humanoids.  tsk, tsk.  Shame on us!

2. Anyhoo, The Big Kahunowl had this to say on his blog today:

“Instead of relying on science, President Obama appears to have bowed to King Abdullah pressure from.. “

..teehee,,*tricksy titters*,, hee hee,, bwahahakahunowl,, *snort* So sorry folks,, that’s as far as I read.  Maybe you’ll do better..


Another prez-O bow sighting.
Image borrowed from

3. NYTimes news analysis. ‘A Campaign Challenge’ Defining Obama.  Try ’empty suit’ for starters, eh?  ‘Nuff of this crap.  But noooo, it seems the WH is doing a desperate make-over of prez-O, just in time, too. ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition premiere’s Sunday 9.25.11.  A suit house is not a throne home,, yikes,, unless it’s dressed, pressed & messed by BamaWhere Yes-We-Can’t collection. This stunning decor is minimalist in nature.  It incorporates what’s called InvisiCloak whereas everything is invisible to the naked eye – except for prez-O..  Everything is white-washed and has a hint of glitter outlining each object and/or person in the room making it easy to see, well, the president.  He was hands-on with this project, as well as TOTUS. [PuC]

4. Somehow reading The Right Scoop’s article Ann Coulter to Sarah Palin: Fish or Cut Bait sounds about right.  Worth reading.  BTW, I’m not for or against Sarah Palin.  I’m just not that into her.

News Stew 11/11/10

‘Bout that..

  • Mystery ‘missile’ off CA coast that our NORAD & Pentagon have no ‘clue’ about?  C’mon, guys.  Even PuC has the common sense to ask, well, maybe they should have thought twice before leasing a former Navy base in Long Beach to China, eh?  Just sayin’.. heh heh
  • Conservative Muslim government Information Minister, Titatul Sembiring, in Jakarta, Indonesia shaking hands with first lady Michelle-O, then regrets it after all sputtering on Facebook, Twit et al. that it wasn’t his choice. [Said he doesn’t usually touch women who are not related to him. So all you tv & video witnesses are wrong. Or he’s lying. Which is it?] ..It wasn’t his choice. Then whose choice was it?!? The Muslim government, or, Prez-O himself?  After all, trip video footage shows Michelle-O walking several paces behind Prez-O; I thought..oh oh.. another faux pas, not cool. So, here’s a question for know-it-all-ledgers: aren’t you at all concerned about all the attention given to non-Christians by our Illustrious Leader?
  • ‘Bout that ‘mystery’ missile launch that the gubermint knows nothing about (idiots!): From Citizen Wells via From Citizens for Legitimate Government: “U.S. ‘Notice to Mariners’ Report May Explain Mystery Missile Launch Posted by Lori Price, 11 Nov 2010 A ‘Notice to Mariners’ report entry may explain the missile launch earlier this week from Southern California waters near Catalina Island. Page 55 of the current ‘Notice to Mariners’ report, dated 6 November 2010, notes upcoming firing operations in that area. The report is published weekly by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and prepared jointly with the National Ocean Service and U.S. Coast Guard.”

10-12-10 Daily Dump

  • Casting call for Obama MTV townhall Thursday (looking for a horde of ‘extras’) to populate event..? “According to the casting call for the event from talent agency, first reported by National Review Online, the company requests applications for the event, asking what issues the person is “passionate about,” requiring a “short description of your political views,” and also asks for a recent photo.”
    This is too pitiful to warrant a comment from PopUpCommontater.  Too painful.  Sorry.  But on the other hand, Prez-O is becoming quite the control freak, isn’t he?   And all this time I thought it was Ma Belle Michelle.   SEE!  I can admit when I’m wrong *tricksy titters*
  • Health industry getting into some really creepy stuff now: Greek newspaper, To Vima, announced that the largest government insurance provider would no longer pay for diabetics foot prostheses, opting for amputation, instead.
    I guess this means no more glass eyes or ear prostheses either.  This could mean Health insurer to provide bucket and guillotine, only?
  • Oh, no, Mr. Bill!  As though we couldn’t see this coming. NYC Election Board screwup: No ballots for soldiers overseas!  “New York election officials were required to ship the ballots to U.S. citizens living overseas by Sept. 17. Because New York primaries were held Sept. 14, the feds granted local officials an extension until Oct. 1.”  “Put these ballots on the next plane to Afghanistan,” (Sen. Chuck ) Schumer (D-NY) demanded. “There is absolutely no excuse for failing to get this done.”
    Oh, but it was just an honest
    mistake – honest Judge!  Kudos to Sen. Schumer for demanding they be sent to soldiers overseas – ASAP.
  • Oh, go on, whip out the race card again won’t you Prez-O! “Obama: Republicans Counting on Blacks Staying Home,” reports RealClearPolitics.
    Should blacks feel insulted/embarrassed to hear their own president say things like that, ya know?
  • Allen West: Americans have Disdain for Dems, but Don’t Trust GOP. (Source)