*BREAKING NEWS* Stand-off at Kuckoo Korral Update (..gag…)


O, here we go again, folks.  The Congressional stand-off.  Just like all the other stand-offs.  We fools need to think Congress is at odds with each other, or with Prez-O, in order for us to think they’re actually at odds with each other..  our so-called two-party farce force..  so us little people will think their representatives are actually fighting principled for us..  for our good benefit! *bwahahaha*  They’ll go on TV and bad-mouth each other, too..then hook-up later for their usual cluster gigglefest!  Hey! Hey! Hey! We snowed’em again, guys!

Silly sausages.

Wanna make a bet the stand-off ends at the 11th hour?



UPDATE (4.9.11):  DRUDGE REPORT headline:  11th HOUR: LET’S MAKE A DEAL.
[And no, I’m not Drudge. *smirk*]
(Obama) Takes credit for ‘biggest annual spending cut in history’..
[That’s PR spin at its best, folks.  ‘They’ must be worried. ;]



About that Prez Obama ‘Keys to the Car’ analogy being brandished around town..

  1. Remind Prez Obama that he’s now in the driver’s seat, but as passengers of this great nation, we citizens have gone from the back seat into the trunk, gagged and bound, headed towards Point-of-No-Return.  No exit. No mas.  No poco.
  2. If the Bush administration ‘drove’ us into the nation’s present pileup, then Prez-O should have taken Bush’s wrecked car to the Auto Shop for repairs. Instead, Prez-O grabbed the keys,  jumped into Bush’s car before the smoke cleared, peeled out in reverse on sparkin’ rims, slammed on the brakes, slammed it into ‘drive’ again, put the pedal-to-the-metal and on warp-speed, rammed that clunker into the same pileup! Again, and again, and again..      Jackass 3D (as in 3 times dumb, dumb, dumb).
  3. Now, to put it all into perspective, when Prez-O took the wheel, he not only veered into the far-left lane, but hopped the median strip, crossed lanes, drove up and over sidewalk vendors, screamed down Main Street zig-zagging across the street from side-to-side, mowing down innocent, strolling shoppers until he finally ran out of gas (literally&figuratively), leaving behind inexplicable carnage and piles of bodies in his wake.  Compare to Bush’s exaggerated codpiece. Okay?

ANIHC-spelled-backwards stakes claim to South Texas oil & gas

ANIHC-spelled-backwards just bought a hunk of our Tickle-Me-Elmo economics ‘real estate’.  Has gubermint pool shark extraordinaires traded (sic) Publishing Clearing House in favor of ANIHC (spelled-backwards) Clearing Hose? Citizens being hosed-down for corporate bad debts!?!  Surely you jest! When I heard the rumor our betters enacted law that would allow foreign countries to invest in our livelihood goodies, well, *snort* I thought what a crock of..  Hey!

We don’t need no stinkin’ fur-ners buying up our bridges, buildings and..  and..  oil..  and gas industry!!!

Crikey Roos! That’s x-actly what’s going on right under our noses. Thanx Whitewall and your rationalized younger-generation largesse-wannado.  Phthpthft!  Oh, and did I say phuthck?

The SKINNY:  State-owned Chinese energy giant CNOOC is buying a multibillion-dollar stake in 600,000 acres of South Texas oil and gas fields, potentially testing the political waters for further expansion into U.S. energy

Justice’s wife, Virginia Thomas: activism could raise judicial issues..

Backdrop: The NYTimes  chews on ‘objectivity’ bone again.
Virginia ‘Ginni’ Thomas has been a conservative activist for around 30 years now, so why is her conservative activism being brought up now? Oh, wait. May I assume it’s because recently she’s put much of her expertise into play, like setting up a fairly useful non-profit group and created a pretty savvy website, Liberty Central?  Or, more to the point, because she’s an advocate of the newly formed Tea Party?  Woo Woo! Crikey Roos! As though her husband, the Justice, can be unduly influenced by her activities and conservative principles enough to cloud his judgment on the Supreme Court.  As though he isn’t capable of independent thought. As though she wasn’t involved in conservative activism before she met the Justice. As though it wasn’t her beliefs that attracted her to him.  So, I guess it’s because Mrs. Thomas opposes the “..leftist “tyranny” of President Obama and Democrats in Congress and to “protecting the core founding principles” of the nation.”  As if no one else has used the words Prez-O and ‘tyranny’ in the same sentence. Oh, puleeze!  GROW UP!

However, I do agree with the NYTimes writer questioning of Thomas’s large, unidentified contributions to Liberty Central.  This can pose some serious questions and raise some intelligent brows.  Especially since Liberty Central is a 501(c)(4) non-profit group that is supposed to make sure less than half their activities are political. I sincerely don’t know how she can achieve this since it seems the whole of the organization could be classified as “political,” however, I’m open to enlightenment on other ways it would not be considered political. Anyone?

As for Justice Thomas, a federal law requires that justices recuse themselves in instances where real or perceived conflicts of interest could arise and in cases where their spouses have any kind of financial interest in the case.  Slippery slope?

“It’s shocking that you would have a Supreme Court justice sitting on a case that might implicate in a very fundamental way the interests of someone who might have contributed to his wife’s organization,” said Deborah L. Rhode, a law professor and director of the Stanford University Center on the Legal Profession.

“The fact that we can’t find that out is the first problem,” she said, adding, “And how can the public form a judgment about propriety if it doesn’t have the basic underlying facts?” (Emphasis mine)

Good point.  How is the public able to form judgments about propriety if we don’t have the basic underlying facts?” But why start with Justice Thomas?  o,o  *evil laugh*

Other Potential ‘Conflict of Interest’ Cases
  1. For instance, how do we form a judgment about the propriety of Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) involvement in deregulating Fannie Mae throughout the 1990’s at a time when Frank’s partner, Herb Moses, was Fannie Mae’s assistant director for product initiatives, 1991-1998, while Frank was
    on the House Banking Committee which had jurisdiction over Fannie Mae?(S)
  2. How do we form a judgment about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ties to the natural gas industry?  Pelosi invested in T. Boone Pickens Clean Energy Fuels Corporation that ties into the Clinton Global Initiative, Clean Skies Television Network, and Al Gore. Anyone remember Pelousy complaining about those two oil men in the White House (Bush&Cheney)? She stands to benefit by steering legislation through the House.  (S)
  3. How do we judge the propriety of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s $1.5M to ABC News to help fund a yearlong project on health? (S)  If ABC News is the mouthpiece of the White House, will this health project be independent or propaganda? (S)
  4. Sourballfully, how do we judge the propriety of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State knowing her husband, former president and creator of the Clinton Global Initiative won’t result in conflict-of-interest?  It’s ludicrous to expect Americans to think there’s no conflict.  Oh, wait.  I seem to recall Hillary Clinton saying she’d make sure they were transparent about their comin’s and goin’s and, BY GOD, we all know her word is good.  *rolling eyes*
  5. Phthpthft!

Er.. Singapore Airlines.. “..first carrier to allow passengers to make and receive” .. cell phone calls!?!

Oooooo, this bodes bad for some people who have been saying – all along – that 911 airline passengers were calling loved ones on their cell phones..etc.  If true, the wave flag, false..ly.  Then again, maybe on 10.10.10.. since it’s a cute number, and all.. ah..oops!  Swami BaBa Dum Ass’s “inner child” says DON’T GO THERE, Y’ALL!




They keep sayin’ ‘if we don’t pass this bill now our health care costs will go up by 49% in ’82!’
(We’ll all be dead by then; should we care at all? *hysterical laughter*)


Okay.. I’mma listenin’

Nobel Peace prize. Want fries with that?

First came the laughter, then disgust.

“President Obama was rewarded for his unique message.”
(as tho he were the only one with a “unique” message.)

We should have seen it coming, folks. The Wrecking Ball’s psychopants keep heaping accolades on him, trying to create greatness out of thin air.  Now, this narcissist eats up praise and adulation like he had a hollow leg to put it in.  I can’t help thinking of the previous Nobel prize recipients who actually earned their prize, some of them only after devoting many, many years in their field of expertise.  The Wrecking Ball had it handed to him. Without merit and based on the hope and change that has yet to materialize. So, that action alone diminishes and steals any credibility at all for the Nobel Peace prize – starting with Wrecking Ball – and on down the line.  Pity. Really.   From now on, I will call it for what it really is, the KnowBull  WhenYouSeeIt award.

Then, to add insult to injury, the Chairman of the Nobel Committee opines:

“Only very rarely has a person, to the same extent as Obama, captured the world’s attention and given his people hope for a better future,” the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Thorbjorn Jagland, said in a statement.”

Wellll, I can think of several people who have captured the world’s attention who weren’t awarded a Nobel Peace prize and surely deserved one:  Diana, Princess of Wales; Michael Jackson, Andre Agassi, former-President Bill Clinton, Mahatma Gandhi, former President Ronald Reagan, and Bill Gates, just to name a few.

Before too long, the O may grow his hair long, sport a halug and wear gladiator sandals.  Surely then we will recognize him for who he really is (according to his psychopants, that is ;), and he will travel the world with rod and staff and heal the ailing and afflicted among us.

From now on, I will call it for what I think its become, the KnowBull (WhenYouSeeIt) Putz award.