House votes to delay Health Care Law out to 2015

U.S. House votes to delay the Health Care Law for One Year, 231-192. The House also voted to continue military pay during any possible shutdown, making it very clear they don’t want a shutdown.

Sen. Max Baucus retracting ‘Obamacare is a train wreck’??

On the Senate floor about a half hour ago, Sen. Max Baucus has basically retracted his ‘Obamacare is a train wreck‘ statement he previously made by saying he will vote to FUND ACA (Obamacare). Then, he’s going to retire because he’s FED UP with the Obamacare?  I think it’s more like the N.ot S.o A.stute has reared its ugly head.  One only has to look at Sen. Baucus’  face on C-SPAN today to see he’s under a lot of stress.

Also, funding Obamacare with 51 votes is a mistake and the coward’s way of getting what they want.

Is the objective of this bill to level our country down to a third world country?


It’s NOT the Birthicate! It’s the foreign FAH-THER! sayeth the Constitution (*,*)

Really, people, this is not rocket science and you can look it up yourself.

So, Arizona GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey resigned last Wednesday after he lit a fire under the state’s Electoral College asshat meeting when he questioned our Illustrious Leader’s eligibility, something to do with a quack birthicate [source].   I’m not kidding.  Morrissey managed to rise to his lofty position without knowing anything about the U.S. Constitution’s requirement for the presidency.  To be fair, Morrissey, Chairman Don Ascoli and former Graham County Republican Chairman John D. Rhodes have basketballs to speak truth to power and I salute them for their bravery.   (For the accuracy of their contention…bzzzzt.)  As long as the birthicate feign is front and center, they won’t address the larger issue of the IL’s foreign father, which is the issue.  Our founding father’s addressed this issue of ‘allegiance to the country’ in their writings, and reason why; to be a natural born citizen one has to have PARENTS who are U.S. citizens.  Not one parent, but 2 parents.  A mother and a father.  It’s why they use the word “parents”, as in, plural.  If our knucklehead leaders had to read the Constitution as a prerequisite to placement on the ballot to begin with, we wouldn’t be having these discussions.  “Every child born requires no act of law to establish the fact the child inherits through nature his/her father’s citizenship as well as his name (or even his property) through birth” (Defining Natural-Born Citizen).  Our IL’s father was a British subject, therefore so is our IL unless he disavowed his British allegiance and consented in writing allegiance to the U.S. of America.  We have yet to see evidence of this, as far as I can glean.  (Which, of course, will suddenly appear online posthaste [if the usual psychopants read my posts and report to their Leader.])  So, let me capitulate: It’s not about the Birthicate:

*It’s the Foreign Allegiance*


BRAKING NEWS! Are Senate Democrats Passing Bills without Republican Representation..?

Maybe I have this wrong, but Harry Reid and other Democrats are smiling sheepishly while they are voting very quickly.  I believe Republican Senator Kyle objected and left the floor.  Someone following the votes on C-SPAN tonight. I’m in and out and need assistance and shout out a call for vigilance.

H.R. 6213: No More Solyndras Act

H.R. 6213: No More Solyndras Act

Passed the House on September 14, 2012.

To limit further taxpayer exposure from the loan guarantee program established under title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.


Tweety Bird puts aside the Blackberry to become a..

twit-ter!  Way to GOOOOO!!!!!    Americans are sweating balls of fire over their sinking AmericanDream ship while our Illustrious Leaders go round and round the GoodCopBadCop merry-go-round; smacking each other around, intellectually and intellectually-disabled alike…..while some fiddle (’round) as Uncle Sam burns down…like, liar-liar-pants-on-fire, around America’s ankles.   Guess who??  Why, it’s the perpetual tweetager, of course!

President Barack Obama takes debt battle to Twitter, loses more than 40,000 followers in one day.

To be fair.  The president is not the only one running the show here, people.  Look around.  See all the posturing going on on Capitol Hill.  All the posing.  All the grandstanding coming from both sides of the aisle.  All the blatant politicizing in preparation for election 2012.  Look at the script being played out for our benefit.  Look how stupid and transparent it all is; the only true transparency in .govco is watching them think they’ve fooled astute Americans.

As an aside, I pity this present school of fools sons, daughters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, namely their ancestors, who will forever be saddled with, and embarrassed with being associated with these clowns.  ..What, me!?!  A relative of (insert name here)!!  Oh, no, no, NO!!  Surely, you jest!!!  I’m not related to that jackass.  You’ve got the wrong (insert name here)!!  Well! I never..

Look.  Tweeting looks good on legit statesmen; not so good on one who’s constantly living in faux pasdom.

If you think I’m being disrespectful to our Illustrious Leaders, what would you call what they’re presently doing to Americans, huh?

*BREAKING NEWS* Stand-off at Kuckoo Korral Update (..gag…)


O, here we go again, folks.  The Congressional stand-off.  Just like all the other stand-offs.  We fools need to think Congress is at odds with each other, or with Prez-O, in order for us to think they’re actually at odds with each other..  our so-called two-party farce force..  so us little people will think their representatives are actually fighting principled for us..  for our good benefit! *bwahahaha*  They’ll go on TV and bad-mouth each other, too..then hook-up later for their usual cluster gigglefest!  Hey! Hey! Hey! We snowed’em again, guys!

Silly sausages.

Wanna make a bet the stand-off ends at the 11th hour?



UPDATE (4.9.11):  DRUDGE REPORT headline:  11th HOUR: LET’S MAKE A DEAL.
[And no, I’m not Drudge. *smirk*]
(Obama) Takes credit for ‘biggest annual spending cut in history’..
[That’s PR spin at its best, folks.  ‘They’ must be worried. ;]



Paging Dr. Cal Lightman.. your expert opinion is requested, sir..

Dear Dr. Cal Lightman,

America needs you.  Americans don’t think anyone in DC can be trusted.  You’re the expert.  Americans need to know how that ‘hope and change’ thing is going for our Prez-O.

This is your baseline, Dr. Lightman.

Is he hiding something from the American people that we ought to know about, Dr. Lightman?  Maybe you should put him in the cage?  Interrogate him. See if he can answer tough questions – on his own. Don’t let Teleprompter in the same room with him, ok?  Don’t be afraid to tell us if his olde ‘Hope & Change’ thingee has morphed into Nope & Same, or, Dope & Lame; ya see my point? Ohhhh, and can you actually see his strings? I mean, seein’ as you’re intuitive and prescient and all, can you see things we can’t, like who’s behind the curtain, even?  Thank you, Dr. Lightman.  It seems you’re one of the only high-profile dudes these days who cares about lyin’ in public places. I’m the other one.

I’m glad to be watching you at work.  I’m learning a whole lot from you.  Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

Respectfully yours,

A sane voice rails against The Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

Hurrah!  Congressman John Duncan, Jr. (R-TN) is a rational, national voice of reason among trigger-happy anencephalics roaming back-and-forth across the land (and congressional halls) menacing citizen-travelers in a modern-day hybrid of – wait for it – The Invasion of the Body Snatch..ers (heh heh).  Yes, here’s an honest-to-God representative of the People who, during a speech on the floor of the House today blasted the Transportation Administration for the invasive, enhanced “pat-downs” currently trending the vacuous minds of supposedly brilliant problem-solvers as a result of several incidents having to do with planes, trains and automobiles.  From the mouth of Duncan:

“Unfortunately, for the traveling public, big brother never makes a mistake, so I am not surprised they are trying to defend the purchase of these scanners.”

Further, he goes on to say:

“Mr. Speaker:

“A nationwide revolt is developing over the body scanners at the airports, and it should.  Hundreds of thousands of frequent fliers who fly each week are upset about getting these frequent doses of radiation.  Parents are upset about being forced to have their children radiated or being touched inappropriately by an unrelated adult.  There is already plenty of security at the airport, but now we are going to spend up to $300 million to install 1,000 scanners.  This is much more about money than it is about security.  The former Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, represents Rapiscan, the company which is selling these scanners to his former department.  Far too many federal contracts are sweetheart, insider deals. Companies hire former high ranking federal officials, and then magically, those companies get hugely profitable federal contracts. The American people should not have to choose between having full-body radiation or a very embarrassing, intrusive pat-down every time they fly, as if they were criminals. We need a little more balance and common sense on this.”

Of course our Betters like to brag about how they’ve prevented numerous incidents of terrorism upon the peoples of our nation.  Five that we know of over the course of 9 years; all having to do with inanimate objects, such as, a shoe, underwear, liquid and toner cartridge.  In other words, very highly-sophisticated devices (/sarcasm). What next?  Body cavities? I hope they check TSA’s animated, working  top asshat.  People are hardly informed about these other alleged terrah attacks.  Are the particulars kept from us so as not to injure our fragile sensibilities?  Hardly. So what do these hyped-up minds-the-size-of-a-planet do with such a stellar record of preventing subsequent attacks on planes, trains and automobiles?  They rachet-up the invasive, offensive body invaders! That’s what! When TSA administrator John Pistole was asked by the Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee today whether or not these enhanced techniques made us less safe, as safe, or safer, Pilote had the audacity (there’s that word again!) to say it was done as a deterrence. DETERRENCE! I wonder how this info will go down with the public. 

I also can’t help wonder what’s in the minds of the current pawing, mauling, little purpose hands feeler-uppersprivate parts crimp drive-bys TSA pat-downers, and how can they sleep at night knowing they’ve touched the private parts of hundreds of people that day?

More importantly (ya, right), I wonder if  TSA’s private parts crimp drive-by is a form of ‘junk’ envy?

‘Bout those Repub heads-up to Obama to prepare for investigations..

I sure hope soon-to-be House Judiciary Committee chairman, Republican Lamar Smith, takes a hard, long look into the congressional collective-conservative-soul before wasting any more taxpayers-are-broke largesse on investigations to ‘hold the administration accountable’ – without considering what that means to the average citizen. So I’m told. Namely, Americans want to see heads roll, butts in the can, perpetual-perps thrown off the revolving, rotating, repulsive,  perpetual-musical chairs machine of inept and/or corrupt political bloodsuckers.  Americans want all the special members of those 3 special ‘elite clubs’ (you know who you are) either disbanded or refreshed with patronizing (sic) blood..  AND THE PEOPLE SAID heh heh.

According to public outcry, Americans would like to see (some would say demand), a new cast of characters on the American stage.  NO MORE snarky Peter Lorre impressionists a la Jeff ‘Harlet.  NO MORE Ichabod Crane’s a la John Kerry.  NO MORE boy lovers a la (fill-in-the-names & numbers). Or, it’s final curtain.  Whatever that means?!?  I somehow can detect Americans are sick of the bizness-as-usual empty-suits gig.  So lizzen up, congresscritters. The masses have spoken, albeit somewhat indelicately, but nonetheless, in high decibels.  Only you can turn off the Shriek Machine of Discontent.  You, congresscritters fired up the angst bellows. Only you can stop the screams! ENOUGH, ENOUGH already!

So, a note to the incoming influx of Republicans: unless you want to become Republicants, you really ought to have a game plan. Like, orchestrating a bone fide, objective investigation, lose the self-righteous-holier-than-thou superiority-complex, remember that God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, use accordingly, and most importantly, kick out your own if warranted, k?  Well, in all fairness, you Repubs seem to be better in that regard than those on the other side of the aisle.

Source: Radio 1200 WOAI San Antonio