I find, at times, that I must stoop to the level of ignoramus, immaturity, and the occasional tantrum in order to interact with the human race.  These words of mine will be proof I lived.  I spoke truth to power.  I was nucking futz.

On the other hand, I believe in the original mission of the news press which is to be the watchdog for the American people against crime and corruption of our betters. Oh, you know, those who think they’re better than Americans with common sense, values, and love of God, country, and our 2nd Amendment.

That about covers it, right? Don’t think so? Follow the instructions below:



  1. Hi Newsblaze, PuC/PopUpCommontater here. Thanx for pointing out my glaring errors; it’s easy to make mistakes when the mind is going a-mile a-minute, like your misspelling of “justice”, no? ;> You had a nice write-up on your News Blaze site so I’m providing my gentle readers a link to your site from here. Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi Ben.
    In your Compean-Ramos post
    “or better yet, computations,”
    1. It is Commutations, please fix the spelling
    2. Commuations are not better – they still pay the fine and still have it on their record forever.
    Border Patrol Agent Sentences Commuted at Eleventh Hour


  3. I love the smoking baby.

    It sums up exactly how I feel waiting for the reviews of my bloody book!



  4. oh i don’t have time now b/c i MUST go 2 sleep AND i JUST want to keep on rEADing =– will get 2 1/2 hrs if i’m lucky and i’m starting to get sleep deprived and even CRAZIER than uSual

    can u imagine?

    like i tell alpha: pleeeeeeeeazzze mod-er-ate me; somebody has 2



  5. Hell, look at me, I’m a complete idiot. Maybe even a government target now. But the one thing I am that separates me, is a veteran that still cares about this country, and willing to say it the way it is.


  6. Absolutely. Damn. You are bridging a gap. I can’t put my finger on that gap. Is it Art Bell-ish / Alex Jones merges with Brad Friedman / Rawstory ? Just saying. Don’t hate me.


    I just saw your comments, Phil, and have to say, thank you, thank you for being simpatico to the cause – the only honorable cause there is at any time in our nation’s history and our own lives – to uphold the freedoms given us by our forefathers. It’s our heritage, their legacy, and we must all be Henry Bowman, Paul Revere, and Patrick Henry, 24/7, and espouse our beliefs – long, deep and continuously.

    And anyone don’t like it can just PuC-off, knowwhaddamean, Vern?! heh heh


  7. Interesting blog! :)

    Thank you for stopping by, Ben; hopefully more readers will stop by your blog to read your thoroughly spot-on commentary/opinion via the succinct and thought-provoking art-form known as the cartoon.

    Nothing cartoonish about your timely & astute messages, Sir. Come back when you have the time; you’ll see me stop in at yours from time to time. I love your blog and awesome talent!


  8. I like it.
    Glad you like it, Qazse.. come back again if the spirit moves you..:)


  9. Have a nice day !


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