Gun Control Hysteria


  • School shootings.
  • Disgruntled employees going “postal”.
  • Shopping mall shootings, church shootings, fast food restaurant shootings, etc.


  • Reinstate mental healthcare institutions/facilities that were shut down decades ago.  Confine those who are a danger to themselves and others.  Stop the political correctness BS and admit there are people who need to be confined in treatment.  
  • Arm every citizen, as it’s been proven that it deters further shooting when a gun comes onto the scene.  Many mass murderers turn their guns on themselves when a citizen puts a bead on ’em.
  • Everyone entering public service be required to read the dern Constitution before swearing to support and defend it.  Then, INSIST that they do so.  The Second Amendment is not up for interpretation or negotiation.  It’s about defending our Freedom from Tyranny . It’s not about “hunting” –  and it’s about dern time you know this.

Super Bowl XLV


  • Falling ice from the roof of Cowboys Stadium injures 7 people when ice falls 200 ft. to the ground.
  • Northeast entrance to the stadium is closed.  ‘Authorities are confident’ all ‘potentially dangerous areas have been blocked off but people can get in and out of the stadium safely.’
  • ‘Officials’ forced to close all but one entrance to the stadium because of the accidents.


  • Allow one entrance in and out of stadium for Sunday’s Super Bowl participants.
  • Pretend/expect the entire Super Bowl of peeps will calmly leave through one exit  in the event of a catastrophic event.

* * * * * * *

Health Care


  • 85% of Americans have health care insurance.
  • 75% of those Americans like the coverage they have.
  • 15% of Americans don’t have health care coverage.


  • Govt can save billions of dollars by picking up the tab for those 15% without health care coverage.
  • Requires incremental weaning off the govt teat for those physically/mentally able to work.
  • Create office(s) for Recording and Rectifying health care complaints of said 15%.


  1. It’s good that you mention that it’s the ones in charge that are ultimately to blame for this unfair disparity. My dad taught me to never accept charity, particularly from the government, unless I am literally dying in an alley. Even then he would probably advise a fried rat!

    Nonetheless, the fact that I was raised this way does not make me inherently morally superior. Millions of children are raised with government support as a way of life. The Powers That Be want to enhance the resentment between these groups, but we should resist the tendency toward resentment.


    • I would be the last person to disparage anyone, families in particular, the need for government assistance. I think it’s fair to say a country is judged by how its poor are treated and we’ve always been a generous nation showing compassion for the least of us. When a nation’s people become so morally bankrupt that it feels no shame for gaming the system, taking advantage of every government hand-out regardless of legitimate need, it’s time to hold the gravy and spank the turkey.


  2. Good post. Plus some of those 15% don’t want industrialized healthcare–Amish, Homeopaths, etc. Since we stopped being able to afford to go to the doctor, our family is much healthier. I just loved going to the OB office during my last pregnancy and sitting in the waiting room with all those “poor” women who were getting free health care from the gov’t, knowing that we would be on the hook for thousands of dollars and making payments for years to come. If I have another one, I am just going to squat in the field.

    Still, I’d rather be a “middle-class” person who can’t afford luxuries or even basics, than a gov’t dependent with an iphone. At least I know how to survive with nothing.

    I see it everywhere I go. The middle-class now live like the poor, while the poor live like the former middle class, thanks to having cash freed up for luxuries through government programs for necessities.


    • Hello, and welcome to PuC’s place. You made me laugh where you wrote “..I am just going to squat in the field” if you get pregnant again. Way to your spirit of adventure! ;>

      In case you haven’t noticed this about PuC, I’m a C-SPAN junkie. Just recently Senator Tom Coburn was being interviewed about his book “The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington From Bankrupting America”. Coburn spoke about the Senate Budget Committee’s October 2012 Report by Jeff Sessions. Coburn said the report revealed that people in the welfare system, taking advantage of all the social programs available to them, made about $50K a year (this safety net is equal to average per capita family income now of $52K). Senator Coburn said this safety net “takes away any incentive to better yourself because you’re equal to everybody else in terms of your benefits.” So basically we have people on the dole (some, generationally) not working, while the hard-working man busts his *ass for the same monetary compensation while…wait for it….paying taxes for the betterment of the undeserving non-worker! This is absurd!

      Some people *need* temporary assistance, but we live in a country that rewards the lazy, beat-the-system-deadbeat-who-can-work-but won’t bloodsucker, depriving those in obvious, verified, dire straights of the monetary funds needed to survive with their family intact.

      We have a moral crisis at hand as evidenced by a growing population of “entitlement advocates” who have taken the original intent of societal assistance and turned it into another way to beat the system through lack of personal integrity, honesty or purposeful living.

      No wonder our nation’s people have become so divided. It’s become a war between the takers and the givers, a war run by incompetent olde pharts, beholden to greedy lobbyists and campaign donors, who play musical chairs, rotating in and out of .gov positions for years on end, resulting in a .gov of relatives at 6 degrees of separation resulting in a .gov of consanguineous imbeciles. Of course, I’m just joking here *tricksy titters*

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