BRAKING NEWS! Are Senate Democrats Passing Bills without Republican Representation..?

Maybe I have this wrong, but Harry Reid and other Democrats are smiling sheepishly while they are voting very quickly.  I believe Republican Senator Kyle objected and left the floor.  Someone following the votes on C-SPAN tonight. I’m in and out and need assistance and shout out a call for vigilance.


Paul Wolfowitz now Chairman of Internat’l Security Advisory Board

O, geezes, how can it be? (swoon) Whack-a-mole pops up again (and again)(and again) and ends up under Rice-a-Roni. It’s a travesty that a-bad is a-bad is a-bad is ignored over and over by the brightest of our nation. Let me remind one that Paul ‘Whack-a-mole’ Wolfowitz resigned from the DoD as deputy Defense Secretary 3 years ago and was virtually run out of the World Bank with a HankyPanky spank, and now he pops up (again) under Rice-a-Roni who offered him a job as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board, a prestigious State Department panel. This gig also affords him access to highly classified intelligence (wow. can it be anymore obvious?). Whack-a-mole snatched the gig before Rice-a-Roni finished her offer.  Read Newsweek article  here.

We are a desperate nation, indeed, if we have to constantly recycle bad apples from a barrel that should have been dumped off a ship in the middle of the ocean, yesterday. Every decision maker in the top echelon of .governmental affairs is a FOAF by only a few degrees of separation. They ought to form a Consanguinity Club of America.


Federal Estate Tax Reform per Congress or Buffetteers?

Why would Congress Senate Finance Committee defer to Conrad Teitell, Eugene Sukup (don’t laugh!), or Warren Buffett suggestions regarding a Federal Estate Tax? Does this Tottering Trio own the world, or what? Do they have a formula that the world has to abide by in order to get feed and slave for wages? Santa Buffett suggests Congress consider giving lower-income families a $1,000 annual tax credit rather than repealing the federal estate tax. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Do you know what that kind of money will buy you, folks!?! About TWO WEEKS worth of groceries, THAT’S what! (hee)  cheer2.gif sheepish.jpg

Sorry, but it annoys me when I see outside people dictate laws via our representatives. Those puppet strings are slowly morphing into nooses, my friends.

Talk of a Ronald Reagan/Bill Bradley Redux, too. Be prepared.
Consensus is we are in deep doo-doo. OMG! I’m shocked!