News Stew 01.18.13

  • There’s something creepy about a president, unveiling gun proposal plans, needing to surround himself with children.  It reminds me of other creepy imaginings like entertainers with arrested development preferring the company of children so they can feel all-mature and powerful-like.  Taking a serious issue and reducing it down to like, say, Mr. Rogers using his index finger to slowly push a tiny truck across a desk….parking it next to the big pink eraser.

  • It’s a joke to learn how FAST & FURIOUS Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ are asking a federal court to delay indefinitely a case brought against them by watchdog Judicial Watch.  Didn’t Prez-O just sign an executive order stating “the DOJ will release a report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement”.  Oops to bad timing.  It’s nice to note this irony pointed out by PuC recently hasn’t been lost on other astute observers.
  • Cyclist Lance Armstrong strong-arms his pseudo-conscience in his interview with Oprah Winfrey on his doping, actually says it was “part of the job” . Seriously.  I just can’t understand why Armstrong wasn’t sitting on the floor with the rest of the children during Prez-O’s creepy gun proposal photo-op.  Deceitful Armstrong, just another flawed character.  Another narcissistic headline-grabber.
  • Now I’m reading about the kid’s video at Prez-O’s gun proposal plans photo-op who yelled in unison “NO GUNS! NO GUNS!” while reading their pithy letters, most likely dictated and coached by their parents via the Ministry of Propaganda.  Contrived, through-and-through.  Perhaps by self-appointed ‘knowledge experts’ in knickers.
  • And now, from this ‘self-appointed knowledge leader’, there’s never been a despot who hasn’t surrounded himself by lots of kiddies in a public forum.

Jack Hunter of the Charleston City Paper – Speaking Truth To (People) Power

Hoo-yahhh! We got a firecracker here in Charleston City Paper’s columnist Jack Hunter.  Hunter’s headline today reads:  Should we abandon the Constitution in the Wake of the Sikh Temple shooting?   Hunter lays out a good, solid argument that my dear readers will find exhilarating.  Have at it.

Obamacare: the new strategy, same as the old strategy; new version of new diversion.

1. Whereas the entire debate is diverted to where president Obama was born versus the fact that Obama’s father was a British  subject makes Obama ineligible for the presidency,

2. The lame stream media will frame the debate on the constitutionality of Obamacare on the terms ‘penalty’ versus ‘tax’ rather than the fact that tax revenue bills are to originate in the House only, not from the Senate, as it was in this case brought before the SCOTUS.

3. What media outlet will take the lead on these stories before the GLOBE once again aces the traces and attracts the facts?!?

SCOTUS modus operandi

Ahh, what a conundrum we Americans have been served for breakfast today, piled high on our already impossible plate of Angst with a sprig of Scream….no?  On the one hand it looks good.  I, too have wondered what our country would be like if we had just not loosened our high standards to become an American if and when one immigrated here from another country.  Back ‘when’, it was done slowly and methodically, thus allowing both parties to acclimate to a difference in the repesective cultures.  Hmm…  I bet, dear reader, you wonder what the process produced.  Well, for starters it produced a gradual assimilation to our way of life to said foreigner.  In other words, the foreigner adopted our customs, our language and our ideals.   Albeit, at a time when they all seemed to be operating together nicely – for the common good.  With me so far?  Good, because we’ve come so far away from that process over the years that present Americans inherited this current problem having to do with illegal immigration.  And believe me, it wasn’t we Americans who caused it.  And it wasn’t foreigners who wanted to make a better life for themselves here,, in the greatest country in the world,, at that time.  No, I think  fault lies within the confines of the highest offices in our nation.

Where was I?  Ahh, yes..the SCOTUS modus operandi.  One might think the SCOTUS ruling had something to do with the influx of illegal immigrants and its almighty fix…heh heh…foolish mind-tinkerings, for sure.   For it is my opinion that there’s something else brewing in the undercurrent of this tidal wave ruling.  I think, perhaps, maybe, doubting Dudley-Do-Rights imagine many imaginings, may be, perhaps, emerging from maybe..the chambers of horrors!  Ha ha, just kidding!  *tricksy titters*  But all you brightest of the brightest amongus know what you know…  and that is the knowledge of what’s behind the curtain of,, wait for it,,……..the SCOTUS modus operandi!

Caio, for now, my brightests.

BRAKING NEWS! PuC *first* freakin’ HBO “The Newsroom” junkie!

Move over C-SPAN! PopUpCommontater is back!  To announce  PuC’s the *first* HBO “The Newsroom”  junkie!!  *tricksy titters*

Veterans Day sentiment..

Poster image Stand Up For America

Ordinary men
act extraordinary,
fierce purpose prevails.

A band of brothers
fight to the death for each other
and the world-at-large.

War, like it or not,
determines one’s survival.
“Life” does not take sides.

Peace is an ideal;
easier said than done, right?
Honor our fallen.

Life at war with life;
there is no permanent peace
’til heaven’s on Earth.

Armed Services all
remind me their loyalty:
one band of brothers.

Stark reality
sinks in. Strangers died for me!
Life is greatest gift.

Nation under God,
One Purpose, One way of Life:
Brother’s Keepers all.

I bow to fallen
soldiers past, present, future:
Reverence unfolds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Veterans Benefits Act 2010 Signed
October 25, 2010

Mortgage lenders using flawed court papers to evict homeowners

AG’s of “up to 40 states plan to announce soon a joint investigation into banks’ use of flawed foreclosure paperwork,” according to an item posted at CNBC online, according to a person who spoke on condition of anonymity cuz the investigation has not yet been made public.  (hunh? so we’re reading this from under a rock..? :>)  Apparently the mortgage industry won’t be happy until they get what they want.  Perhaps that would be an America as a third world country? It’s the mortgage industry that got us into this mess.  They should get us out of it. No more taxpayer dollars to foot the bill for an industry that didn’t play by the rules. The mortgage industry should use its own money, not ours. Why should we pay for their con games?

Rules suck.  Just ask the average American who’s held accountable for every infraction imaginable.  There’s a law on the books for practically every human endeavor.  Who’s holding the whitecollar crooks accountable for their greedfest which is wiping out the prosperity of our nation?  Who’s holding “professionals” accountable to a higher standard of conduct that anyone over 50 years of age remembers from the Good Olde Days, hunh?

This really sucks.  Whitecollar ‘skanks’, that is.

Statesmen vs. Politicians posted on drkatesview

As many of You know, I’m big on Statesmen, all-things Statesmen/Stateswomen and  teeny-weeny-eeny-iota on Politicians. ;-)  Well, I found myself on drkatesview blog while surfin’ the bloody ‘net tonight and upon reading some of her recent posts, I came to realize that we have a lot in common. She has a great blog so check her out, man. I came across her post on Statesmen vs. Politicians which I want to share a bit wit’ you.

drkatesview provides a YouTube clip of Red Beckman’s take on this issue:

  1. A Statesman loves the Constitution.
  2. A Politician hates the Constitution.
  3. A Statesman enforces the Constitution.
  4. A Politician violates the Constitution.
  5. A Statesman uses truth to keep power in the hands of the people.
  6. A Politician uses lies to gain power over the people.
  7. A Statesman‘s primary concern is to secure freedom for future generations.
  8. A Politician’s primary concern is to get elected or re-elected.

Plus six more-

  1. Statesman will not play politics with the people’s money.
  2. A Politician will buy votes with tax money.
  3. A Statesman knows the people must control government.
  4. A Politician believes that government should control people.
  5. A Statesman knows the people must limit government’s power to tax.
  6. A Politician believes government should have unlimited power to tax.
  7. A Statesman gives his allegiance to the people and country.
  8. A Politician gives his allegiance to government.
  9. A Statesman will demand a balanced budget.
  10. A Politician will spend money stolen from future generations(deficit spending).
  11. A Statesman will cause peace.
  12. A Politician will cause wars.

I agree with drkatesview where she writes:

“Pretty stark comparisons, but I bet you all can think of a thousand ways in which your so-called representatives do and do not fit these categories. All candidates must be held up to these ten points of light.”

These Ten points of Light can outshine a Thousand Points of Light, folks. ;-)

From the Crypt: Simon Johnson’s superb read ‘The Quiet Coup’ – lest we forget

It’s time to revisit Simon Johnson‘s (The Atlantic, 5/09) superb mega-synopsis ‘The Quiet Coup’ that names- names and lays out how the elite and their yes-men  brought us to our present financial meltdown.   It’s worth reading now in order to refresh We the (little, small) People’s mega-disgust and legitimate grievances against the elitist plan to transform our once-great nation into a 3rd world banana republic and bring to light any remedial actions and/or accountability by those who caused it.   In other words, no sound of thumping heads rolling down Wall Street or the halls of Congress.

Just saying..

MSM finally addresses the cost of Prez-O’s extended campaign junkets


n.  A trip especially one taken by an official at public expense. (Source: is doing its job; feels compelled to notify its readers and the public in general of the cost of Prez-O’s recent trip to Columbus, Ohio, where he thought he deserved a round of applause for putting 100,000 Ohioans to work.   Woop-de-doo.   Prez-O’s trip “probably cost taxpayers between $500,000 to $1 million.”  Then add Air Force One that costs about $200,000 for the round trip to Columbus.  Then there’s the military aircraft that flies in limos, secret service vehicles and a standby Marine One.  This is just for this trip alone.  Now recall how many trips he’s taken in the US and abroad, many with his family in tow, and one can surmise that Prez-O has no plans to stop his expeditions and cares not a whit the cost of his on-going ‘lecture series’ to get his adulation-from-the-small-people weekly fix.

I worry that Prez-O is constantly traveling to distract the ‘small people’ away from the rogue element running our country.  Into the bloody ground I might add.

I belong in this rare air.