At last! Some enlightenment… ;>

Our cornyspondent in Palace, Om Yummi, reports Swami Babba Dum Ass has been sitting askew thinking up names anew for our present predicament; seems even Swami’s not pleased with our pres(id)ent domestic state-of-mind and has offered some alternatives, for the pickin’,  for the Hope that went missing and the Change from your $3 bill.  We’re pleased to include Swami’s revered contribution to a new slogan more fitting of our pres(id)ent situation and our ever expanding abyss (in no particular order):

Hope and Change morphed into-

Dope and Lame
Nope and Same
Cope and Drain
Mope and Pain
Cope and Chain
Lope and Lame
Nope and Tame
Dope and Bane

Wow.  That’s cold, swami…   you could do with a new 8-ball, ya know.  tsk